Yanke Energy

Fiber Composites - Meridian, Idaho

Project Date: 2007 - 2008

Details: Yanke Energy traveled to Selma, Alabama to remove a surplus extruder line. Upon return to Boise, we installed the equipment in Fiber Composites Meridian facility.

Along with the new extruder line, we added new grinding and wood processing equipment. This included a new grinder, (2) new shaker screens, and new larger fan for increased material flow. With the new items, we retrofitted existing cyclones into system with re-sized ducting.

Our crew also installed a new system for regrinding material and reintroducing into the extrusion process.

Along with FC engineers, we designed, fabricated and installed a cross-conveyor system that allowed one extruder to function for two separate product lines.

Fiber Composites Fiber Composites Fiber Composites