Yanke Energy

ASME Welding

Yanke Energy, Inc. holds ASME "S" and "U" stamps covering the fabrication and assembly of high pressure boilers, heating boilers, pressure vessels and power piping. We also have the National Board “NB” and "R" Stamp, allowing the repair and alteration of all boilers and pressure vessels.

Requirements for code stamp qualification include certification of each welder, documentation of material and acceptance of the finished product by the Quality Control Manager and Authorized Inspector. Products manufactured and accepted by an A.S.M.E. inspector bear the appropriate stamped symbol on a nameplate affixed to each vessel.

All material used in code manufacture must be documented. A mill test report showing the heat number and material specification, describing the chemical analysis and physical properties of the steel.

All ASME manufacturers and National Board stamp holders have an Authorized Inspector, who is the authority of code acceptability. He is an employee of a licensed insurance company and has jurisdiction over all code phases of manufacture, repair and alteration. He is authorized to suspend manufacture at any time or request that code imperfections be corrected.


  • Complete trace-ability of raw materials.
  • All welders must be certified.
  • All design must meet ASME code.
  • Only certified manufacturers can fabricate and assemble under ASME code.
  • All work and tests must be witnessed by an Authorized Inspector certified by the ASME.


  • Unsurpassed quality assurance.
  • Quality Manager and an Authorized Inspector actually travel with each project through all phases of the work.
  • All design must meet ASME code.
  • Final inspection where units are hydrostatically tested at 1.3 times the working pressure.
  • A Manufacturer's Data Report is completed for each pressure vessel and filed with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors in Columbus, Ohio.